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Mvine Technology Ltd. is a London-based small business that creates apps and portals for businesses. The out of the box solution can be customised and configured to solve a lot of issues that businesses of all sizes face. The possibilities are numerous, so I had to shape a marketing direction that simplified the core message and conveyed it succinctly.

A logo animation created for video openings

I’d worked with Mvine before, but was invited back in 2016 on a consulting basis, having interned with them a year previously. Work was completed in a three-month sprint in Summer 2016.

From the outset, quickly integrating with the senior team to create a marketing video for use online and in client meetings with of paramount importance. Together with the CEO and Senior Designer, we fashioned a vision for the project, outlining clear goals and time frames to beat.

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  • 515 files
  • ~400 hours of solo work
  • 7 final videos (Collaboration, Sales Teams, Board Rooms, Intro/Outro bumpers for Mvine and Teamvine)
  • 42 iterative renders for the Collaboration video

The Final Results Link to heading

Ultimately, the final product was successfully delivered to the client – all whilst working in my spare time around university commitments. I had to quickly understand a complex technical problem and crystallise the essence of the Mvine Platform into a short video with universal appeal. We iterated repeatedly until we had a final deliverable that the company now uses in pride of place on its website and in social media campaigns.

The majority of the artwork assets you see were created by Michael Hurst, the Senior Creative Designer at Mvine. All of the animation, audio and supplementary assets were handled at my end.

It was a pleasure working with such enthusiastic clients and gratifying to deliver a final outcome to them that both fit the brief and was manageable for me to fit around my studies. The biggest takeaway for me was how important understanding the client and delivering an achievable solution to them as efficiently and collaboratively as possible is. This rapid onboarding, along with deciding how to simplify the core message, was by far the largest challenge.

All in all, it was exciting to join an established team as an outsider and create something that showed off their product and satisfied everyone. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Mvine Team in the future to create further materials.